Monday, December 1, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 35

Hey, everyone! Here it is a Monday on the first day of December and here is a chapter of Superstar! Big news: I'm done with the first half of the book! Okay, it's the first draft, but still a significant accomplishment.
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Chapter 35: Jealousy

The final round of the Battle of the Bands was a week away. Terry and Eric cut rehearsals down to three days a week and primarily worked on the songs they were performing for the contest.
Avant Groove, on this particular day, were tightening up an arrangement of “Inside My love” by Minnie Ripperton. Wanda was tasked with singing lead instead of Dominique. (“Probably to shut the whiny hefa up,” Lisa muttered to herself.)
They finally got the music where they wanted it and were ready to run through the song with vocals. Wanda stepped to the mic and Dom, who was looking on from the couch, wished very hard for Wanda’s voice to crack. It just seemed wrong for Wanda to be standing in her spot. Wanda looked over at Dom, as if she could sense her discomfort, and smiled. Dom didn’t return it.
Terry signaled for the band to begin and they flowed effortlessly into the tune. Wanda began to sing. Damn, Dom thought to herself, she sounds good.
Everything was fine until Wanda started flirting with Terry as she sang. He was, obviously, not into it at all, but she continued, knowing it would get on Dom’s nerves. The rest of the band knew that Dom wasn’t going to stand for that and wondered how she would respond to that.
Dom walked over to Wanda’s keyboards, tested the mic and began to sing just a step higher than Wanda, (Just to prove she could do it) and turned the solo into a very harmonic duet. Tension flowed onto Wanda’s face and she focused a burning glare towards Dominique. That’s when Dom turned up the volume and, with a soulful wail, blew Wanda away.
Wanda threw down her mic and stalked towards Dom. “Bitch, I’m ‘a fuck you up!”
“Back up off me, hefa!” Dom replied as she pushed Wanda back. Terry and Eric broke them up before things got really physical and pushed them towards opposite sides of the room.
“Calm down!” Eric shouted.
“Fuck ‘calm down!’” Wanda bellowed as she twisted in Eric’s grip. “I’m beatin’ that bitch’s ass.”
“You mean get yo ass beat, ho!”
“Shut up!” Terry yelled.
“I ain’t shutting up!” Dom spat.
“You lucky they holdin’ us back or I’d fuck you up.” Wanda bellowed.
“Bring it on, hoe! Ain’t nothin’ between us but space an’ opportunity!”
“SHUT UP!” Terry and Eric bellowed. It took a minute, but Dom and Wanda did in fact shut up.
Eric pointed at Dom and said, “You had no business singin’ on her song.”
“She had no business touchin’ Terry!”
“Whatever! The lead was hers! And Wanda, you know you were wrong.”
“I was just playin’,” She grinned.
“With my fuckin’ man!” Terry barely held on to Dom as she strained to get her hands on Wanda. “When I get my hands on you…”
“Both a’ y’all shut the fuck UP!” Eric screamed. “This bullshit stops now!” He met everyone’s eyes with a steady glare that hinted at the anger inside him.
“Now, we are going to do this song on Friday. The petty bullshit stops here and now.” Eric looked at Dom and Wanda. “This is how it’s gonna be: If either of you do anything out of pocket on Friday, you’re fired. Got it?” They indicated that they got it.
“Good. Back to work.”
The rest of rehearsal was quiet, but the air sizzled with the heated looks Dom and Wanda sent toward each other. Terry noted the tension between them and felt guilty for unknowingly causing all of that. Dom cast a basilisk stare at him and he felt her anger wash over him. As she turned away, Terry just knew that he was gonna hear it on the way home.

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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