Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Show Me

“Thank God for off days.” Lisa said to herself.
Lisa was a manager at the True Note Records store on 87th and Stony Island. She’d been there since she was sixteen and went from being a cashier to ordering records, conducting interviews and basically running the store on a day to day basis. None of which she had to do today.
Lisa sat in her apartment on 83rd and Ashland, wearing a t-shirt, cleaning up and basically just chilling. “Inside Edition” was just about to put her to sleep when her phone rang.
“If it’s Mr. Greer talkin’ about work, a brotha’s about to be left hangin’.” She said as she checked the caller ID. She knew the number, but was surprised just the same.
“Yeah, how did you…? Oh. Caller ID, huh?”
“Yes, ma’am. Whassup with you?”
“How long are you gonna be home?”
“All day. Why?”
“I have a favor to ask.” Dom said.
“Name it…”

“Teach me how to play keyboards.”
“But you already know how to play.”
“Not like you. I wanna be as good as you.” Dom said fiercely.
“I’ve been playing since I was a little girl.” Lisa pointed out. “That’s a whole lotta practice, girl.”
“I know, I know. But you can write music without anybody helping you. I wanna do that.”
Lisa knew she’d regret her next question, but, she asked it anyway; “Wouldn’t Terry help you with that?”
Dom grinned. “Yes, he would. He wants to in fact.”
“So, what’s the problem?”
Dom sighed and said, “I dunno. Me and Terry were working on some music I wrote and I asked him what I’m asking you now. For some reason, he shut me down, saying he’d do the music for me. The way he did it just bothered me, like he wanted to control me or somethin’.” She shook her head and mumbled something about how strange that was.
Lisa didn’t know what to make of all that. She was as confused as Dom was about Terry’s reaction and didn’t see the problem he seemed to have with that. Dom learning how to play better could only help the band, not hurt it. Looking at Dom, who seemed to have the world weighing on her, Lisa could tell this went deeper than Terry being a little controlling. As she sat down next to Dom, she made a mental note to talk to Terry about this. In the meantime…
“Why are you so insistent on doing it yourself?” Lisa asked.
“If Terry left me, I’d be stuck.” Dom explained. “I saw what happened when my father left Ava. A lot of possibility left with him and Ava had to slave just to make ends meet. I promised myself that I’d never fall into that rut, especially when it comes to my music.”
“You do know Terry wouldn’t do you like that, don’t you?”
“Yeah. I just don’t want to depend on him too much. I want to hold my own, y’know?”
“Yeah, I do.” Lisa smiled. “Come on, I’ll teach you what I know.”

“Thank you.”

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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