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Superstar-Chapter 36

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Annnnnd, Story!

Chapter 36: Throwing Stones

The silence in the car vibrated with the waves of Dom’s anger. She hadn’t said a word since they got into the car. Once she was in, Dom crossed her arms and legs and stared at something very interesting out of the window. Terry sighed and kept his eyes on the road. She’d say what was on her mind eventually.
“How could you let her do that?” Dom spat.
“Let who do what?”
“You know who I ‘m talkin’ about. How could you let Wanda feel on you like that?” Dom growled. “You forgot you had a girlfriend?”
“No, I didn’t forget…” Terry began.
“Well, I sure couldn’t tell.”
“Don’t start that bullshit with me,” He countered. “You know I don’t want Wanda, Dom, and I didn’t do anything…”
“That’s the problem.”
Terry pulled the car over to the curb and killed the engine. “What the Hell’s your damage?”
“Why didn’t you say something to her? Why didn’t you push her away?”
“Notice I wasn’t hugged up on her either. She came at me and I blew her off. You know that. You saw that,” Terry pointed out. “Everybody else did.”
“Oh, you took a quick survey before we left?”
“Oh. My. God! You can’t be this insecure, Dom. If you’re angry about Wanda singing lead, fine, I get that. What I don’t get is why you’re giving me shit over something Wanda did that I didn’t respond to.”
Dom was quiet. She didn’t respond to what Terry said or made any sign that she heard him.
“Great. Now, we play the quiet game. Whatever.” Terry started the car and continued down Halsted. Anger burned inside him and he took deep breaths to calm himself down. He knew he was right, but he still didn’t want this to come between them. Terry snuck a glance at Dom. She wasn’t all clenched up anymore, but she still stared intently out of the window. Terry parked in front of Dom’s house, cut the engine and looked at her.
He wanted to reach out and touch her hand, let her know that he cared and he was sorry for hurting her even if he didn’t mean to.
Dom made the decision for him by reaching out and grabbing his hand. She finally turned and looked at him, drinking him in with her eyes. The hurt on his face was easy to see. Dom sighed as guilt bled through her. She knew she was wrong for giving Terry the business about Wanda. She knew he didn’t want Wanda, but she was angry at Wanda for touching what was hers and took that out on Terry. That’s when the anger started to get mingled with desire.
“Baby?” Dom said.
“Oh, my God, she speaks,” Terry snarked.
“Yes, she does. She also says she’s sorry.”
Terry looked at her and gently squeezed her hand. “Apology accepted. Honestly, though, Dom, I don’t see why you were mad at me in the first place.”
“Wanda has that effect on me.” Dom said. “She’s been underhanded before when it came to you so I shouldn’t be surprised, but…” Dom shrugged her shoulders. “I didn’t like her touching you. You’re mine.” To punctuate that, she took Terry’s finger in her mouth and sucked on it. As surprised as he looked, it paled next to the expression on his face when Dom took his hand and placed it on the vee of her thighs. She attacked him with kisses and started caressing his chest.
“Wait.” Terry croaked. “Dom, we’re out here in the open…”
“Come in the house.” Dom breathed. “Ava’s at work. We’ll be alone.” She stroked his member through his pants. They quickly got out of the car and made their way into the house.
They got as far as the couch.

“Wow. What brought that on?” Terry asked as they lay on the couch and caught their breath.
“You looked so damn sexy when you were angry.” She giggled. “I just wanted to climb all over you.”
Terry smiled. “Well, you did.” He became very serious and said, “I’ll talk to Wanda about what she did.”
“If you don’t, I will.”
“No, I’ll do it along with Eric. As much I’d like to see you kick Wanda’s ass, I don’t want to see you get booted out of the group.” Terry stole a glance at Dom’s naked posterior and grinned. “Speaking of booty…”
“You so nasty,” Dom grinned. She didn’t complain as Terry maneuvered her onto his lap. “Again?”
She kissed him and pulled him off the couch. “Come to my room.”
“Gladly.” They had the presence of mind to take their clothes with them.

Later that night, after Terry got off of work, he drove to Dom’s house and parked across the street with the motor running. Ever since their lovemaking session earlier, Dom’s name pulsed through Terry’s mind like a heartbeat. He was able to work, but visions of her body danced in his eyes, the smell of her teased him and the remembered press of her body, her breathy moans and shouts of pleasure distracted him.
He was aware that staking out his girlfriend’s house could be considered obsessive at the least, but Terry felt a deep need to look after her, to protect her. She was his, all his and nothing, no one would challenge that.

Dom happened to live across the street from a police substation and a cruiser was headed his way. The same cruiser passed him about twenty minutes earlier. Since Terry didn’t feel like having to explain himself to a cop or possibly be marked for stalking, he left.

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