Monday, June 16, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 13

Brand new chapter...enjoy and thanks for reading!

Chapter 13: See You

“Dom--”, Eric said brightly, “—Fancy meeting you here.”
“Yeah, how ‘bout that?” She responded and steadfastly ignored Terry.
Lisa sneaked a peek into Dom’s bag. “What did you get from Rave?”
“A little something for my date tomorrow.” She answered with a pointed glance at Terry. Eric and Lisa glanced at each other, wondering what Terry was going to say. They knew he wasn’t going to let that slide.
For his part, Terry didn’t say anything at first. His face was closed down, but there was a flickering flame of anger in his eyes. When he did speak, the temperature dropped a few degrees.
“Hope you brought some matching kneepads.”
“Excuse me?” Dom snapped.
“I hope you got some matching kneepads, ‘cuz Rob likes a woman on her knees.”
“Fuck you! You’re just jealous.”
“Can’t be jealous of a charity case. You don’t want Rob, you just doin’ this to make me mad.”
“Is that so?”
“So that is.”
“I could give a fuck if you’re mad about me goin’ out with Rob. You shoulda broke up with your woman before ya non-mackin’ ass tried to step to me.”
“I already told you Wanda ain’t my woman. You don’t wanna listen? Fine. I don’t wanna talk anymore, ya triflin’ heifer.” And with that Terry stalked away.
Dom glared laser beams at his back and spat, “Oh, I can’t stand him!” She stomped off in the opposite direction.
Eric and Lisa looked at each other.
“They definitely like each other,” Eric stated with a grin.
“Yeah, right,” Lisa answered. They went to find Terry.
He was in the mall’s central courtyard, sitting on one of the benches. It was readily apparent that he was sad and had been crying even though he tried to hide it when Eric and Lisa sat down next to him.
 “It’s over,” Terry sighed.
“D’you know that for sure?” Lisa asked.
“Isn’t it fucking obvious?”
“Well, going off on Dom didn’t help any,” Eric pointed out.
“No shit, Groove.”
“So, what’re you gonna do if they work it out, T?”, Eric asked, his eyes deadly serious. “Can you walk into rehearsal and not get caught up on some personal shit?”

Terry shut his eyes and grimaced as he thought about that very unpleasant circumstance. Eric and Lisa could barely hear him say, “I don’t know.”

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