Monday, June 23, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Tonight is the Night

“Oh, yeah, girl. You lookin’ too fly.”
Dominique was admiring herself in the mirror. The cream colored, midriff top flattered the top half of Dom’s body and instead of the matching pants, she chose a pair of Girbaud jeans that hugged and caressed her hips and legs. Her hair was a smooth ebony cascade down to her shoulders, a light application of make-up and a nice pair of open-toed sandals completed the look. Dom was all dressed up and ready for her date with Rob.
“’ I hope you got some matching kneepads, ‘cuz Rob likes a woman on her knees.’”
Terry’s comment reverberated through her head even as she tried to shut it out. She’d been around Booty-bass enough to know that he in fact did like for a female to go down for a mic check. Rob was a die hard, unrepentant, crass, loud-mouthed dog and suddenly Dom wondered why she was willing to subject herself to the evening long aggravation of Booty-bass’s company?
“’Cuz it’ll get on Terry’s nerves.” Dom smiled. A car horn started blaring outside as she checked her look one last time. Through the window, she saw a late model Toyota Supra fresh from a wash and wax job.
“Speakin’ of getting on people’s nerves—“, Dom muttered and grabbed her jacket on the way downstairs.
“Who the hell izzat blarin’ their horn like they ain’t got no damn sense?”, Ava barked from her favorite chair.
“My date.” Dom replied.
“Niggas can’t come to the door and pick up nobody?”
“Obviously not.  See ya later. Don’t wait up.”
“As if I ever do.” Ava answered and took a long pull on her beer. Dom shook her head and walked out of the door. Secretly, she was glad that Rob didn’t come in. She could only imagine some of the outlandish shit Rob would say to Ava. She didn’t need any more drama.
“Daaaayum, girl.” Rob exclaimed. “You so fine, I’d throw you on a plate an’ sop ya up with a biscuit.”
“Thanks. I think.”
Rob wore an oversized black polo shirt, pressed blue jeans, black combat boots and sunglasses (at dusk). His hair was close cropped and a neat goatee complimented his pecan colored skin and defined his jawline. A smile that could be measured by miles spread across his face as Dom approached him.
“And how are you sweetness?” Rob asked.
“I’m fine.”
“Yes, you are.”
Dom grinned a little. “Thanks. Good to see you’re on time.”
“For you, I’d be ten hours early, baby.” He kissed her hand. A wave of Lagerfield slapped Dom in the face as he did that. Dom hated Lagerfield.
“Is that Lagerfield you’re wearing?”
“And you know dis,” Rob said proudly. “That’s my good shit. Guaranteed to gets me some play.”
Someone lied to you. “So, that’s your secret. I’m ready to go if you are.”
“Let’s be up, den.” Rob led Dom to the passenger side door and (wonder of wonders) held the door open for her. He closed the door and Dom was immediately assaulted by the intermingled scents of vanilla air freshener and Lagerfield. She almost gagged and quickly cracked open the window.
“You alright?” Rob asked as he closed the door.
“Fine,” Dom smiled weakly. “Just a little warm.”
“Oh. Okay.” Rob said as he pulled off. “I’m really glad you’re with ne tonight. I thought you were gonna be one a’ them saddity-type sistas, but you cool, doe.”
“Thanks,” Dom smiled, genuinely pleased. “So where are we going tonight, besides the movies?”
“I was thinkin’ Joe’s Be-Bop Café so we could eat and catch some live music.”
Dom didn’t know what to think. She was expecting a trip to the movies with a quick stop at Mickey D’s before a hotel room. This was a pleasant surprise.
“You ready?” Rob asked. Dom settled back in the seat, let loose a little grin and said, “Sure.”

Meanwhile, Terry was closely, but not too closely, following them. He didn’t know where Dom lived so he trailed Rob from his place. Deep inside, Terry knew that following the two of them on their date was essentially a waste of time. It wouldn’t change Dom’s feelings toward him and if she caught him, there’d be no sympathy whatsoever. The sad part was, Terry couldn’t help himself. He had to do something. He couldn’t sit around and do nothing.
He saw Rob’s attempt at being gentlemanly, the face Dom’s pulled at the smell of Rob’s cologne and how quickly the window came down when Dom got in the car.
When they pulled off, Terry waited until they were halfway down the block before he took off after them. Excitement and fear buzzed in Terry’s stomach. This was entirely a new thing for him. He may have driven past ex-girlfriend’s houses, but he’d never followed one on a date before. (Technically, Dom wasn’t an ex, but, why quibble, Terry thought.)
Terry made sure he stayed back far enough to stay unnoticed but still be able to see them and made ready to follow Dominique wherever she was going, no matter where he ended up.

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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