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Superstar-Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: With A Little Help From My Friends

A few moments earlier…

“It’s about time, Cuzzin’.” Eric said as he looked at his watch. “We were about to go on without you.”
“You would’ve liked that, huh, Groove?” Terry remarked with a grin.
Eric rolled his eyes. “Whatever, T.”
“Don’t give me that, Groove. You know you want L-boogie to have your babies.”
“Hey! I’m right here. Not invisible.”
“And you, Miss Staples, want to drop this man’s babies.”
“See, now you just talkin’ crazy.”
“Whatever, Lisa.”
“Anyway—“ Eric said as they walked inside of Evergreen Plaza. “—What took you so long, Terry?”
“I was visitin’ Mom.”
“Oh.” Eric and Lisa chorused.
They walked silently for a few moments. Terry noticed looks of concern on his friends’ faces.
“Just wonderin’ if you’re okay.” Eric replied. “You know how you get when you visit your Mom.”
“Really, I’m fine.” Terry made sure he looked right into Eric’s eyes as he said that. Eric was one of the few people who knew everything Terry went through with his parents and how deeply he missed his mother. Terry appreciated the concern but there were times when Groove could be a little too concerned and start to smother him.
“Yes. Really.”
“Damn, Groove,” Lisa interjected. “He said he was okay. Give the man some breathing room.”
“All right, all right.”
“Thank you, Lisa,” Terry said.
“You’re welcome. So, Groove, where are we going?”
“To Circuit City,” Eric answered. “I want to get that 10,000 Maniacs album with ‘These are the Days’ on it.”
“Our Time in Eden, ” Terry offered.
“Right as usual, Cuzzin’.”
“Of course.”
“So, Terry—“ Lisa began, “—what are you gonna do about your girl?”
“Don’t play dumb with me, nigga, you know who I mean.”
“She’s not my girl. There’s nothing to do, nothing to say. Dom wants nothing, read my lips, nothing to do with me.”
“So that’s it? She don’t wanna talk so fuck it?”
“Lemme break this down for you—“ Terry began, “—Dom told me, in no uncertain terms, to go fuck myself. Any chance I may’ve had with her is gone.”
“Terry—“, Eric said, “—you can’t go into this bein’ all negative—“
“Oh, Groove, please don’t start with that speaking-my-circumstances-into-existence bullshit! You were there. You heard Dom along with everybody this side of 87th street. She doesn’t want me anymore.”
“Talkin’ like that I guess not,” Eric added.
“Kiss my ass, Eric.”
“No, Groove is right,” Lisa interjected.
“I am?”
“Eric, don’t make me hurt you.”
“I wish.”
“Anyway, Terry, if you want Dom, you gotta make up your mind that nothin’s gonna stop you from gettin’ her.”
“It’s not my mind, I’m worried about,” He replied. “It’s her. How am I gonna change her mind?”
“By not givin’ up on her for one,” Lisa said.
“And talk to her,” Eric interjected.
“Excuse me, Mister Man, but I got this.”
“Well, excuse the hell outta me.” Eric said.
“Ain’t that much excusin’ in the world.”
“Well, as much as I appreciate the advice –“, Terry began, “--I’ll just handle this myself.”
“Which means you won’t talk to her,” Eric stated.
“Pretty much.”
“Fuck you, Groove.” Terry was about to say something else, but someone ran into him, a female someone by the feel and smell of her. An apology was on his lips, but it died when he saw that it was Dominique who ran into him. Fate, it seemed wasn’t going to allow him to avoid her even if he wanted to.

“Hi.” Terry finally said.

(c)2014 Courtney and W.L. Sherrod

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