Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Excerpt from Facets: Slipping Into Darkness

Here is another sample from my debut novel, Facets: Stories of the Mundane and the Weird, called Slipping Into Darkness. In it, we meet Alistaire Johannson who may be someplace he really doesn't want to be...

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I woke up in darkness.
            I didn’t know where I was or how I got here exactly. All I knew was that my chest burned and I was cold; as cold as the grave.
            “Welcome,” A voice silky with confidence purred.
            “Who are you? Where am I?”
            “You’ll remember who I am, in time,” The voice said. I could almost hear him smiling. “As for where you are...“
            He snapped his fingers. Thousands of candles lit up and revealed what looked like the inside of a cathedral. There were broken pews everywhere and the walls had frescoes of people being tortured by demonic creatures on them. In the blood-red light, they seemed to move. I heard dim, faraway screams through the windows, which had a large creature with huge wings depicted in stained glass. There were horrible gargoyles on the walls and all the crosses were either broken or turned upside down. A stench that smelled of rotten eggs and sulfur filled every breath I took and made me gag.
            “—I think it’s quite obvious by now.”
            A man, smartly dressed in an expensive dark suit, shiny black loafers and a male model’s looks stepped into the light. It happened slowly, but my mind unfogged and I knew exactly who I was speaking to.
            “Very good,” he smiled. “I was afraid the sudden transition to the underworld would render you mindless.”
            “How did you get me here?” I snarled and brought a lightning spell to mind.
            “Oh, I wasn’t looking for you, Mr. Johannsen,” Azmordel said. “I wanted your little friend Rachelle.”
An explosion of memory went off in my head. Rachelle, Rhiannon and I were following a lead about a house that might’ve been haunted. Turns out, there was a Soul Catcher there and it seemed to be focused on Rae. The last thing I remembered was pushing Rae and Rhiannon out…
“I didn’t make it.”

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(c)2015 W.L. Sherrod

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