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Superstar-Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Can We Talk?

Terry arrived at the Warehouse first. As he turned on the lights and set up the instruments, he breathed a sigh of satisfaction. He loved the solitude, the enclosed silence of the place, before everyone came and filled the space with human sounds and life. He sat down and tuned all the guitars, made sure the drums were tight and the keyboards ready to play. Once everything was satisfactory, he sat down with Rob’s Washburn bass and started plucking out a bass color that came in an hour before he arrived. He was lost in the music, following where the muse lead him, when he heard a guitar join him. Terry smiled and started dueling with Eric. For ten minutes straight, they traded licks, Terry leading the way at one point then Eric blazing the sonic trail with Terry following. During the whole exchange, Terry never looked up, but he played as if he could see what Eric was playing on his guitar. With a flurry of notes, they finally stopped. 
“Good morning, ‘Cuz.” Eric said.
“Good morning.” Terry answered and walked to the tape recorder set up by a speaker.
“That was nice.” Eric commented. “Was that something new?”
“Yeah, it came in this morning.” Terry grinned and placed the bass back on its rack. “With a little work, it’s gonna be a jamming tune. I can feel it.”
Eric just nodded. Terry was bothered by Eric’s nonchalance. Usually, he was more excited about a new jawn.
“What’s on your mind, Groove?”
“You’ve been blocked for a little while now.” Eric explained. “Right when things went downhill with Dom, the music inside you stopped, but now that you’re both cool again, you can write music again.” He shrugged. “What’s up with that?”
“What’s up with you not liking Dom?” Terry demanded. “I can already see where this is going: you think she’s affecting my work.”
“Isn’t she?” Eric said. “The girl’s got your nose so wide open a 747 could pull a u-turn.”
“I’ve been blocked before, Groove.”
“Not like this, Terry. You told me yourself, every other time you’ve been blocked, you kept on until you broke through. When this sitch with Dom came up, you didn’t even try.”
“What d’you want me to say, Eric? I’m in love with her? Okay, I am. I love, Dom, Groove. I know you don’t like her, but it’s not up to you.”
Eric sighed. “I have a bad feeling about her Terry. Gutbuzz bad.”
Suddenly, Terry didn’t feel so good.
Eric had this thing he called a ‘gutbuzz’ (which he described as feeling like bees were buzzing in his stomach). It came up whenever something really good was gonna happen or something really bad. Eric was usually right when it happened. Terry sincerely hoped that Eric was wrong this time.
“The same day Wanda pulled that stupid shit during rehearsal a week ago.”
“Maybe you’re wrong this time, Groove.”
“I hope so.” Eric grinned. “Anyway, I have some more happy news: I entered us in the Battle of the Bands contest at the Clique, yesterday.”
“Straight up.” Eric said. “It takes place in about two weeks and the grand prize is a recording contract with Musicmax records.”
Terry smiled and said, “Yeah. That’ll be good. When are you telling everybody?”
“Today, right before we start. Hopefully, that’ll give us some focus.”
“No doubt.” Terry agreed.
“No doubt, what?” Lisa asked as she bopped happily into the warehouse.
“Well, look who took their happy pills this morning--,” Terry observed. “—and remembered how to set their alarm clock too.”
“Bite me, a’ight?”
“You are all shiny with happy face this morning.” Eric added. “What’s up with that?”
A dreamy look and a loopy grin lit up Lisa’s face. “Roger.”
“Lemme guess--,” Terry said. “—he got the job done?”
“My baby worked me like a Hebrew slave.” Lisa confirmed. “He started out slow, then he grabbed my hips and…”
“Did Terry tell you about the contest?” Eric interjected.
“What contest?” she asked.
“Yeah, what contest?” Terry threw a ‘You-Ain’t-Slick’ look at Groove.
“The Battle of the Bands,” Eric said, ignoring Terry’s look. “I entered us in it. The Prelims are in two weeks.”

“Alright, now!” Lisa shouted. By this time, the rest of the band had walked in and Terry and Groove made the general announcement. Needless to say, the rest of the rehearsal was focused and, thanks to the dawning of hope, energized.

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