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Superstar-Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: I’m Just Wanting You

Terry introduced his song “Red Haze” to the band. The reactions were interesting to say the least.
Eric: “What the hell was wrong with you?”
Lisa: “Damn, you sound angry.”
Wanda: “Does the word ‘Angerball’ mean anything to you?”
Rob: “Didn’t get none, huh?”
Larry: Daaaayuuum.”
Dominique listened without comment. She looked at Terry, his eyes gleaming with mischief and a grin on his face.  She knew why his song sounded so angry: it was an expression of the frustration he felt wanting her, but not being able to have her. Her knee-jerk reaction was it served him right, but a piece of her wished that she could forgive him and embrace him again. Everyday, this desire grew stronger, especially since Rob, who started out being so nice, was beginning to act like an ass towards her and the sitch was doing the Electric Slide on her last nerve.
“That’s just the reaction I was looking for.” Terry stated. “Hopefully, when we play this on Friday, it’ll sound just as angry then.”
Terry started teaching everyone their individual parts. In roughly an hour, they had the song down. Dom was awestruck by Terry’s skill, energy and enthusiasm. She’d seen him do it before, but it amazed her every time.
As Avant Groove played an energetic, full band version of ‘Red Haze’, with Terry slaughtering his guitar, Dom watched him. A purely physical drive to have him in her arms welled up inside and made her shiver. As if he could sense that shiver under his skin, Terry looked at Dom suddenly. She cast her eyes downward. She knew if she looked into those wonderful gray eyes, all pretense of being upset with Terry would disappear and she’d be lost.
The band finished with the song and Eric called for a break. Lisa made a beeline for Dom and asked her if she could talk to her for a moment.
“Sure.” They walked over to a wall where a friend of the band painted a mural.
“What’s up?” Dom asked, though she could guess what Lisa wanted.
“I just wanted to let you know that Terry is single. He’s not with Wanda at all.”
Dom shrugged. “Don’t matter to me. If that’s the case, why couldn’t he tell me himself?”
“Because, you’d bite his head off,” Lisa answered. “I know it matters to you, Dom. I’d have to be blind not to see that you want him.”
“Bitch, please.” Lisa said as she folded her arms under her breasts. “I saw the way you were lookin’ at him while we were playin’. I’ve seen dogs look at a bowl of Alpo like that.”
“Whatever.” Dom repeated with very little conviction.
“Listen to you. You know I’m right,” Lisa grinned. “If you like him, you should be with him. The both of y’all know you want each other. He ain’t studying Wanda, honey, he wants you.”
Lisa walked away before Dom could say a word. Dom looked at Terry again. He was noodling around on his guitar, but she was sure he knew she was looking at him. She cast a glance at Wanda who was looking at Terry with longing and sadness herself. If she was with him, that wouldn’t be the case, Dom surmised.
Right then, Rob came up to her and they started a quick conversation. Dom tried to concentrate on Rob, but her mind was with Terry and she barely was able to keep up with the subject of their next date. Something she wasn’t looking forward to at all.

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