Monday, May 5, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Everybody Plays The Fool

            Relax, relate, release. Dom thought to herself. Or I could throttle Terry, trash the bathroom and kill Wanda.
            Dom looked at herself in the mirror. She didn’t see a beautiful black woman staring back at her though. In her mind, she saw a donkey’s head attached to her body with a dunce’s hat on its’ head.
At least, she knew why Wanda had a continually stank attitude towards her: Wanda’s man was tryin’ to get with another woman right in front of her. Serious disrespect.
Dom sighed and started to wash the make-up off of her face. She had sworn off of married men or men with significant others a month or so ago thanks to a gentleman named Tim. He owned a restaurant Downtown and wined and dined her every chance he got. They couldn’t get together very often and Dom thought it was because he was busy with work. When Tim’s wife called looking for her lost dog, Dom left a scathing voicemail, telling Mr. Tim exactly where he could go. After that, Dom swore to herself to not get caught in a sitch like that again. Ever.
 And here she was, caught up in the drama again.
No more. She thought. Terry can save the drama for his mama, cuz I’m through with him. I don’t care how his eyes sparkle when he smiles or how sexy he looks playing guitar or how good he looks in a pair of jeans. I’m through.
Dom opened the door, intent on getting her coat and getting the hell out of dodge, but she found that her way was impeded by a most unlikely roadblock.
“Hi,” Terry said. “Can we talk?”
“We don’t have anything to talk about.”
“Look…” Terry stammered. “…what happened with Wanda earlier…”
“I know what happened.” Dom said as she folded her arms. “Your girlfriend was marking her territory.”
“Wanda isn’t my girlfriend.”
“Yeah, whateva.” Dom had to close her eyes and remember that she was mad at Terry. Just the sight of him melted her heart and made her want to wrap him in her arms. She thought about what Terry was doing to Wanda and every bit of warmth was leeched away.
“Y’know, I can’t stand niggas like you,” Dom snapped.
“’Niggas like me’? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I mean little boys like you playing with women’s hearts like they’re your damn toys. I don’t appreciate you leadin’ me on like you were single when you had somebody already…”
“But I didn’t…”
“…And whatever feelings I may’ve had for you are long gone so don’t bring ya ho-ass around tryin ta get some play, cuz that’s over, homey.”
Dominique stormed away and left Terry’s ears ringing and his heart torn to shreds. He thought that Dom might’ve felt the same way he did. She’d confirmed as much, but now, because of Wanda’s little trick, Dom wanted nothing more to do with him.
Terry caught up to Dom and grabbed her arm. He had to make her see that he hadn’t misrepresented himself and that he was, in fact, single. He couldn’t even begin to explain things to Dom because she quickly turned and slapped Terry in the face.
“Don’t touch me,” She bellowed.
“But, Dom…”
“Don’t you get it? You can’t have me, ya weak-ass wannabe playboy! And I don’t want yo two-timin’-ass either.”
As Dom walked away, Terry felt like every eye in the place was on him. He was right. Every woman in the restaurant looked at him like he was a leper and every man looked like they were glad they weren’t in Terry’s shoes.
Dom grabbed her coat and her purse, mumbled something about seeing everybody at rehearsal and quickly left. She threw Terry a laserbeam look, daring him to follow. Rob, who finally saw his chance to get with Dominique, got up and followed her. Rob looked like he'd just won the Lottery.
As he slumped into his seat, Terry had to agree that Booty-bass had, in fact, just gotten very lucky.

(c)2014 W.L. Sherrod 

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