Monday, May 5, 2014

My Opinion-Frozen

Frozen won Oscars for Best Animated feature and Best Song for Idina Menzel's (Not Adele Dazeem's) "Let it Go", but the proof of how popular the movie is in the fact that kids, including my two daughters, watch Frozen on replay like Zendaya.
Mind you, the multiple viewings have branded parts of the movie permanently in my head, like an earwig with a video feed, but the truth of the matter is...It's a good movie.
Consider this: Frozen turns a lot of the usual cartoon fairy tale tropes, that Disney is the pre-eminent purveyor of, on their heads.
The Peril that befalls Arendelle? It wasn't started by an evil witch out to destroy the kingdom. The newly minted Queen Elsa, born with the power to manipulate and control cold, lost control of her powers and placed her kingdom in danger of a new Ice Age.
The female lead meant to draw us in and win our hearts and sympathy? There are two, Elsa and Anna. Their character arcs couldn't be more different: Anna wants to fall in love and experience the world. Elsa wants nothing more than to shut herself off from it. Both of them are VERY naive innocents, who have a very steep learning curve about how the world actually works (Elsa) and what love actually is (Anna). During the course of the movie, they see how much they really don't know and how much they love and need one another. Which leads me to...
The Prince who was supposed to save the day? Turns out Hans from the Southern Isles (We never did get a surname) was out for self when he courted Anna and got her to want to marry him after only a few hours together! He had MAD game, obviously. I suppose having 12 older brothers gives one a thirst for something wholly their own, but the ruthlessness Hans displayed was right up there with Cruella Deville and Maleficient. Even Jafar is warm and fuzzy in comparison. Talk about frozen hearts.
And the act of true love that melted Anna frozen heart? It came from her saving her sister from Hans, not from the expected source of Hans or Kristoff. As a matter of fact, Anna raised Kristoff up since Elsa named him Chief Icemaster and Deliverer for Arendelle.
Another interesting fact: this is the first Disney animated film that was written and directed by a woman.
Look, take a moment and watch the movie without the kids singing along and acting out "Let it Go" and you'll be able to see that Frozen is the honest goods and a very creative take on Hans Christien Andersen's "The Snow Queen".

The Cast from l-r: Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, Anna and Hans

The Sisters

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