Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Need You Tonight...

Hello, All! Today, I wanted to share an excerpt from my debut book, Facets: Stories of the Mundane and the Weird. It's a short short story called Need You Tonight. Just sit back, read and enjoy...and click on the link at the bottom of the page to buy your copy of Facets.

Tony Reynolds felt like a man who’d won the lottery. He was waiting by the bathroom for his date to come out. The woman his friend Cindy had set him up with cancelled at the last minute, sounding very sincere and apologetic on the phone. He wondered why she couldn’t have called before he arrived at the restaurant.

Couldn’t hurt to have a drink, he thought, so into the bar he went.

             About an hour later, he shuffled out of the bar and literally ran into the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen: Milky white skin, jet black hair, electric blue eyes and full sensuous lips, painted a dark red. Tony apologized and introduced himself. Her name was Adrianna. He invited her to join him for dinner and save himself from wrapping his car around a light pole. She accepted and, soon, they were seated.
             “You have very beautiful eyes,” Tony said. “Almost hypnotic.”
             “Thank you,” She answered.
             “You’re welcome.” The waitress came with a Scotch and soda for him and a red wine for her.
             “So, why is a beautiful woman like you out all by her lonesome? I’m sure you wouldn’t have trouble finding a date.”
             “A woman doesn’t need a man to go out and eat.”
             “I’m not saying you did. It’s just unusual to see.”
             She grinned and drank some wine. “Well, I may be small, but I can take care of myself. I know how to watch out for predators.”
             “I don’t doubt that you do.”
             “Besides, I’d been asleep all day and I woke up hungry.”
             “Really? You work nights?”
             “You could say that.”
             The entrees arrived. He had the Scrod and she had a very, very rare Porterhouse steak.
             “If I had my way, I’d eat it while it was still mooing,” Adrianna remarked. Tony watched her wolfishly dig into her steak. It was almost sexual the way she savored and devoured it.
             Oh, yeah, Tony thought, the night is definitely looking up.
             “You really get into your food,” He said out loud.
             “Well, I do enjoy a good meal.” Adrianna gazed deeply into his eyes and added, “And, like I said…I’m hungry.”
             He felt a hunger for something else entirely radiate from her stare and a shiver flashed up his spine.
             “Are you alright?” she asked.
             “I’m fine,” he smiled weakly. “Perfectly fine.”
             The rest of the meal was pleasant and over dessert (which she declined), Tony invited her back to his place for a nightcap. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she accepted…

…Which brings us back to Tony waiting for Adrianna to come out of the bathroom. She finally did and time seemed to slow down as she sauntered towards him, feline grace and powerful sexual potential readily apparent in the cadence of her steps. Adrianna’s eyes were a swimming deep shade of blue that drew Tony in and her face was bright with an almost predatory hunger. A glacier dropped into his stomach and an instinct screamed for him to run. Tony buried the feeling and asked her if she was ready to go.
             “I was born ready.”
             “Good,” He smiled. “I’m gonna make this a night you’ll never forget. Ever.”
             “I bet you will.”
             And as they walked out, Tony’s mind was on Adrianna and all the wonderfully nasty things he was going to do to her. If he’d looked in the mirror, by the door, he would’ve noticed that she didn’t cast a reflection.

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