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Superstar-Chapter 64 & 65

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Chapter 64: Here We Go Again

“So, another producer wants us to jump through hoops, huh?” Terry asked. He was at home relaxing. Of course, for him that meant practicing more on top of what they’d practiced at rehearsal earlier that day.
“Whoop-tee-doo,” Eric deadpanned. “I’m starting to feel a bit like a sideshow freak.”
“I know. What d’you think, Groove?”
“We’ll see. Russell’s been talkin’ to a guy from Musicmax Records.”
“They must’ve gotten tired of Mikki and his attitude.” Terry smiled.
“Well, it’s not like he was their only act, but it is safe to say.” Eric paused. “Have you heard from Dom?”
“Are you okay?”
“I’ll just have to be, won’t I?” Terry asked.
“Yeah.” Eric sighed. “Terry, why are you doing this?”
“Doing what?”
“Being here with the band. Why are you doing this. What’s your motivation?”
“If you got something on your mind, just say it, Groove.”
Eric sighed. “I think you’re here because you’re mad at Dom for ditching you and you wanna show her up.” Eric raised a hand, stopping Terry before he could speak.
“Yeah, it’s great to have you back with us. You belong here, but the revenge thing, getting back at her, you gotta let it go, cuz. It’s gonna  poison everything you do and you’re too talented to let that happen.”
Terry sighed. “I can’t help it, Groove. I keep thinking about her all the time. ALL the time.”
“You gotta let her go, Terry.”
“I’m tryin’.”
“Try harder.” Eric looked at his watch. “I gotta go. I need a nap before work tonight. “
“Awright, peace.” Terry said as they man-hugged. Eric left and Terry figured he might as well get his mail. There wasn’t much outside of junk mail, a newspaper and a copy of the latest Vibe.
Terry walked into his room and turned on the TV. He went to the kitchen to pour himself a Rum and Coke when a report on Entertainment Tonight made him put the rum down.
Mary Hart was talking. Her lips were moving but Terry couldn’t hear anything she was saying. He assumed it had to do with the video clips of Dominique, in a beautiful, flowing, white wedding dress and veil and a dude, who had to be Kevin Shields, in a sharp black tux. Terry sat heavily on the bed, his legs failing to support him. A hole existed where his heart was moments ago and he felt himself shutting down, shrinking down a cold lump in the center of himself. Tears rose and Terry buried his face in his hands.
Anger sparked and flared inside of Terry. The fire of it flowed through him like an energizing current that exploded into action. He lashed out, throwing smashing, breaking and screaming anything to express the fury inside him.
When Terry came to himself, his room was a shambles. Amazingly, the window wasn’t broken, though anything else made of glass was. The TV was a smoking ruin and there were holes in the wall and the door. The floor was covered in trash, glass and rubble. Terry surveyed the room. He was a little unnerved by what he’d done. Something caught his eye and he knelt down and picked it up. It was a picture of him and Dom. They looked so happy in the picture. At the moment it was taken, Terry thought that was how they’d be for their rest of their lives. Too bad reality didn’t match up with his dreams.
All the anger, desire and thwarted dreams coalesced and crystallized inside him then. He knew what he had to do.
“You’re not getting away that easily, bitch.” Terry growled as he crumpled the picture.

The phone rang and Eric cursed whoever it was that was disturbing his nap.
“Hello,” He snapped.
“I’ve got to go.”
“What? Who is this?” The flat, robot-like monotone didn’t sound like anyone he knew.
“Groove, I’ve got to go.”
“Terry, is that you?”
“I can’t stay.” Terry droned on. “I have to go.”
“Go where? What are you talking about?”
“To California. To get Dom back.”
“Terry, she’s living her own life now! Let her the fuck go!”
“I can’t,” Terry intoned. “She’s mine, Groove. No one else’s. I’m gonna show her, Groove. I’ll make her see.” Eric was about to speak his mind, but Terry had already hung up.

“Damn, Terry.” The gutbuzz in Eric’s stomach kicked into overdrive. He wanted to do something, but he didn’t know what that would be. Terry was grown and was capable of making his own decisions and, regrettably, his own mistakes.

Chapter 65: Leavin’ On a Jet Plane

Within a week, Terry had either given away or sold most of his possessions. He’d even managed to sell his car. All he was taking to California was his acoustic guitar, a keyboard and a duffle bag full of clothes. He was waiting on his cab to take him to Midway when there was a knock at the door. He thought it was Eric trying to stop him from leaving.
He was only half right.
“Denise?” Terry said.
“Hi,” She said and sauntered into the bare room. “I was hoping I’d catch you before you left.”
“You like me. I know you do. I can see it in your eyes…feel it when we’re close to each other.” Denise said as she moved closer to him. “You can’t leave. The group needs you…” She caressed his face. “…I need you.” Terry grabbed her hand, effectively stopping her.
“Don’t do that.”
“Why?” Against his better judgment, Terry looked at her: She had on a light blue sundress that contrasted nicely with her light chocolate skin and matched the open toed sandals she wore. Denise’s limpid brown eyes pulled Terry in even as he tried to look away and her shapely body, braless beneath the dress, pulled at his attention as well.
“I…I gotta stay focused.”
“Maybe there’s a reason.” Denise said as she gently pressed the full, sleek and warm length of her body against Terry. “Don’t spoil something that could be a beautiful thing, Terry.” She gently kissed him for emphasis.
Terry reluctantly broke the kiss. “I can’t.” He breathed.
“Yes, you can.” She kissed him again and Terry responded, pulling her closer.
Their embrace grew more and more passionate and Terry started to let himself go and enjoy it. That’s when he saw Dominique in his mind, looking so happy in her wedding dress next to her husband. Anger seeped into him and cooled his ardor. No matter how beautiful Denise was, she wasn’t the one he wanted. He gently pushed Denise away.
“What’s the matter?” She asked. “Why did you stop?”
“Denise, you are an incredible, wonderfully gifted, woman. If things were different, I’d love to be your man…”
“But you’re in love with someone else.”
Terry nodded. “All I see is her and I’m going to get her back.”
“What about your music.”
“I still want that. And it will happen.” Terry gazed straight into Denise’s eyes as he spoke and she saw the fire and absolute certainty there.
“Yeah, it will.” She grinned and kissed his cheek. “Good luck and be careful.” She said and walked out.
Doubt dropped into him and Terry wondered if he might be making a mistake. He could still go back to Avant Groove, still go to Denise and let her love him like she wanted him to. He could still change his mind.
Then he heard a horn blow out front. He was conflicted for a brief moment, then Dominique’s face appeared in his mind and all doubts fled and were replaced by a diamond hard resolve.
The horn blew again and Terry grabbed his belongings and walked out to take back what was his.


(c)2015 W.L.& Courtney Sherrod

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