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Superstar-Chapter 38

Hello, all...Took a week off for Christmas, which was awesome, and for the last Tuesday of 2014...Another chapter of Superstar! Thanks to everyone who has read and followed or liked me as I've shared this on my blog. I appreciate you all and wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Chapter 38: Can I Take You Out Tonight

There was no practice for Avant Groove on Saturdays so Dom was able to sleep in, which was a rare and welcome treat. She was dreaming about Terry feeding her strawberries dipped in chocolate. He had just taken one and traced a line of sweetness down to her chest and was following the trial with his tongue when the phone rang and startled Dom awake.
She cursed her luck and whoever was calling at…Eight Thirty-five in the fuckin’ morning. She grabbed the phone in stranglehold and snapped, “Hello?!”
“Hi,” the voice said nervously. “Can I speak to Dominique?”
“Who is this?” Dom was about to let the caller have a piece of her mind when he said…
“This is Terry.”
“Oh. Hi.” Dom said, thankful he couldn’t see the crimson flush on her face.
“Sorry for calling so early, “Terry said. “I just wanted to ask you something”
“And this couldn’t wait until later today?” Dom asked, trying to keep her tone even.
“Well, I was already up and I didn’t want to wait.” Terry explained. “And I’m sorry for doing this at the last minute…”
“Terry, what is it?”
“Would you like to go to the movies with me tonight?” Dom was caught completely off guard and rendered speechless.
“You know, an answer would be good right about now,” Terry quipped.
“Oh, yeah, yes, I’d love to go with you.” Dom answered. She could hear the smile in his voice as he said he’d be over to pick her up at 5:00.
“I’ll be ready, then. By the way, why did you call so early?”
“If I didn’t do it now, I probably would’ve lost my nerve.”
“You actually were scared I was gonna say no?”
“Well, you never know…”
“Believe me, you never have to worry about that. I love spending time with you.”
“I’m very glad to hear that,” Terry said.
“Good. Can I go back to sleep now?”
“Sure. Sorry. See you later.”

Dom nodded, though he couldn’t see the gesture and hung up the phone. She went back to sleep, but couldn’t get back to that chocolate-strawberry dream though.

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: In The Air Tonight

Avant Groove met at The Spotlight and prepared to perform. They were jovial, even a little happy, but there was an undercurrent of tension flowing between all the members. Eric pulled Terry aside and asked him, “Your girl ain’t gonna fuck things up, is she?”
“Fuck you, Groove,” Terry spat. “Wanda was wrong for what she did and so was Dom. I told her that. She won’t fuck things up.”
“She betta not,” Eric hissed and walked away. Terry shrugged his shoulders, trying to loosen up the tension that sprang to life there. He stole a glance at Wanda who was talking animatedly with some people she knew. Probably told them about her chance to sing lead tonight, he thought.
He turned and saw Dom walking into the room. She was resplendent in black and gray and took Terry’s breath away. The world reconfigured itself around her and she seemed more in focus, more real than everybody else in the room. She spoke with Eric and Lisa for a moment before she made her way over to Terry.
“Hey, you,” He said as he kissed her.
“Hey yourself.”
“You look great.”
“Thanks,” she smiled. “I’m nervous as hell, though.”
“You’ll get over it. You always do,” Terry assured her. “Is everything gonna be cool tonight?”
Dom shrugged. “It should be. Contrary to what Groove thinks, I’m not tryin’ to mess up our gig. If Wanda doesn’t start any crap with me, there won’t be any.”
“I can live with that.”
“You and the rest of the band.”
Terry chuckled. “What did Eric say to you?”
“To behave,” Dom smiled.”He needs to tell Wanda that.”
“As if she’d listen,” Terry remarked. “Besides, she gets to sing lead tonight, so she’ll be on her best behavior. I hope.” He looked at his watch and motioned to Eric. It was Showtime.

            Avant Groove was in rare form as they provided a soundtrack for the myriad activities and conversations in the Spotlight Club. All of the tension that was present before they took the stage was gone and everything was melody cool. This lasted until Eric announced that Wanda going to sing lead on the next song.
Dom graciously relinquished her spot and Wanda stepped to the microphone. Wanda beckoned Dom to come closer.
            “If you fuck up my song this time, I’m’a trash ya sorry ass,” She whispered in Dom’s ear.
            Dom was flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe that Wanda actually threatened her in front of all these people. As she walked behind Wanda’s keyboards, Dom admitted to herself that Wanda deserved props for making it look harmless.
            Terry, who watched the whole scenario go down, saw an ugly look seep onto Dom’s face. The band began playing and he felt his heart leap into his throat. He looked at Eric, who understood exactly what was gonna happen and cursed to himself.
            Wanda began to sing. She sounded good and the crowd was into the song. Wanda was enjoying herself immensely until the second verse came and Dom decided to join in.
            She sang a half step above Wanda, like she did in practice, turning the solo into a harmonic duet. Wanda glared at Dom, trying to relay how much she wanted to kick Dom’s ass without tipping off the crowd. Dom just smiled and started to duel with Wanda, daring her to keep up. By the end of the song, Dom methodically cut Wanda down to size and did it without letting the crowd know there was anything amiss onstage.
            Once the song ended, Terry announced that the band would be taking a quick break. They filed off stage and gathered in one of the private rooms where Wanda made an announcement:
            “I QUIT!”
            “You can’t quit, ‘cuz you’re fired--” Eric snapped.”—And Dom’s goin’ right out the door wit’chu!”
            “Like Hell, I am!” Dom answered. “I didn’t start this shit! I was midin’ my own damn business when she threatened to fuck me up if I messed with her song again.”
            “Fuck you, bitch! You just talkin’ crazy,” Wanda interjected. Eric noticed that she sounded confident, but there was nervousness around the edges.
            “What did you say to Dom before you sang?” He asked.
            “I told her she did a good job…” She began.
            “No you didn’t,” Terry added. “You didn’t have to tell her that in her ear.”
            Eric folded his arms and asked Wanda what she really said. She looked away and mumbled something unintelligible.
            “Yeah, you threatened her,” Eric said. “Dom, forget what I said. I’m sorry.”
            “Thank you.”
            “Awright, y’all---” Eric said to the rest of the band. “---What’s the verdict?”
            “Fuckin’ up. Been fuckin’ up,” Rob said.
            “A headache in need of some ibuprofen,” Larry added.
            “Kick da bitch to the curve,” Lisa grinned.
            “Cancel the subscription,” Terry stated.
            Terry looked towards Dom and asked, “What’s your vote?”
            “How about we put her on probation?” Everyone was taken aback by that. Especially Wanda.
“Probation? I ain’t on no damn parole.”
“Personally, I wanna vote ya trifilin’ ass out,” Dom spat. “But since the Battle of the Bands is a week away and we still need you, probation looks like the best bet.” She glanced at Eric who nodded in agreement.
“But…” Wanda began.
“But, nothin’!” Terry snapped. “You’re on probation for the next three months. Any more static from you, ya gone, plain and simple.”
“I still think we should fire her ass,” Rob mumbled.
“Nobody asked you,” Eric responded. “What Terry says goes, Wanda, starting now.”
“Okay,” She said, cowed.
“Y’all can go on back and chill. Terry, Lisa and I need to talk,” Eric said. Everyone filed out quickly. Dom hung back to give Terry a quick peck before she left. Terry stared after her, feeling like the room had suddenly grown colder and the lights had dimmed.
“She’s good, Cuzzin’,” Eric stated.
 “I know that.”
“No, I mean she could have really and truly fucked us up out there, but she got back at Wanda on a subtle, smooth tip. Nobody besides us even knew what was happening.”
“This is true,” Terry grinned.
“Don’t get happy, but I’m impressed,” Eric confessed.
“I am glad to hear that, Groove.”
“My hat’s off to, Dom,” Lisa began. “If it were me, I woulda axed Wanda, on the real.”
“Just another one of her more endearing qualities,” Terry beamed.
“Well, I hope her little mercy play, doesn’t come back and bite us in the ass,” Lisa said.
“Wanda’ll behave,” Terry said. “She needs us just as much as we need her.”

“Hope you’re right, Cuzzin’,” Eric said as they walked back out to the stage.

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 36

Welcome all again! Sorry, I'm late. Blame life and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Winter Finale? AWESOME! Otherwise, here is the new installment! Follow me on Twitter and Like me on Facebook!
Annnnnd, Story!

Chapter 36: Throwing Stones

The silence in the car vibrated with the waves of Dom’s anger. She hadn’t said a word since they got into the car. Once she was in, Dom crossed her arms and legs and stared at something very interesting out of the window. Terry sighed and kept his eyes on the road. She’d say what was on her mind eventually.
“How could you let her do that?” Dom spat.
“Let who do what?”
“You know who I ‘m talkin’ about. How could you let Wanda feel on you like that?” Dom growled. “You forgot you had a girlfriend?”
“No, I didn’t forget…” Terry began.
“Well, I sure couldn’t tell.”
“Don’t start that bullshit with me,” He countered. “You know I don’t want Wanda, Dom, and I didn’t do anything…”
“That’s the problem.”
Terry pulled the car over to the curb and killed the engine. “What the Hell’s your damage?”
“Why didn’t you say something to her? Why didn’t you push her away?”
“Notice I wasn’t hugged up on her either. She came at me and I blew her off. You know that. You saw that,” Terry pointed out. “Everybody else did.”
“Oh, you took a quick survey before we left?”
“Oh. My. God! You can’t be this insecure, Dom. If you’re angry about Wanda singing lead, fine, I get that. What I don’t get is why you’re giving me shit over something Wanda did that I didn’t respond to.”
Dom was quiet. She didn’t respond to what Terry said or made any sign that she heard him.
“Great. Now, we play the quiet game. Whatever.” Terry started the car and continued down Halsted. Anger burned inside him and he took deep breaths to calm himself down. He knew he was right, but he still didn’t want this to come between them. Terry snuck a glance at Dom. She wasn’t all clenched up anymore, but she still stared intently out of the window. Terry parked in front of Dom’s house, cut the engine and looked at her.
He wanted to reach out and touch her hand, let her know that he cared and he was sorry for hurting her even if he didn’t mean to.
Dom made the decision for him by reaching out and grabbing his hand. She finally turned and looked at him, drinking him in with her eyes. The hurt on his face was easy to see. Dom sighed as guilt bled through her. She knew she was wrong for giving Terry the business about Wanda. She knew he didn’t want Wanda, but she was angry at Wanda for touching what was hers and took that out on Terry. That’s when the anger started to get mingled with desire.
“Baby?” Dom said.
“Oh, my God, she speaks,” Terry snarked.
“Yes, she does. She also says she’s sorry.”
Terry looked at her and gently squeezed her hand. “Apology accepted. Honestly, though, Dom, I don’t see why you were mad at me in the first place.”
“Wanda has that effect on me.” Dom said. “She’s been underhanded before when it came to you so I shouldn’t be surprised, but…” Dom shrugged her shoulders. “I didn’t like her touching you. You’re mine.” To punctuate that, she took Terry’s finger in her mouth and sucked on it. As surprised as he looked, it paled next to the expression on his face when Dom took his hand and placed it on the vee of her thighs. She attacked him with kisses and started caressing his chest.
“Wait.” Terry croaked. “Dom, we’re out here in the open…”
“Come in the house.” Dom breathed. “Ava’s at work. We’ll be alone.” She stroked his member through his pants. They quickly got out of the car and made their way into the house.
They got as far as the couch.

“Wow. What brought that on?” Terry asked as they lay on the couch and caught their breath.
“You looked so damn sexy when you were angry.” She giggled. “I just wanted to climb all over you.”
Terry smiled. “Well, you did.” He became very serious and said, “I’ll talk to Wanda about what she did.”
“If you don’t, I will.”
“No, I’ll do it along with Eric. As much I’d like to see you kick Wanda’s ass, I don’t want to see you get booted out of the group.” Terry stole a glance at Dom’s naked posterior and grinned. “Speaking of booty…”
“You so nasty,” Dom grinned. She didn’t complain as Terry maneuvered her onto his lap. “Again?”
She kissed him and pulled him off the couch. “Come to my room.”
“Gladly.” They had the presence of mind to take their clothes with them.

Later that night, after Terry got off of work, he drove to Dom’s house and parked across the street with the motor running. Ever since their lovemaking session earlier, Dom’s name pulsed through Terry’s mind like a heartbeat. He was able to work, but visions of her body danced in his eyes, the smell of her teased him and the remembered press of her body, her breathy moans and shouts of pleasure distracted him.
He was aware that staking out his girlfriend’s house could be considered obsessive at the least, but Terry felt a deep need to look after her, to protect her. She was his, all his and nothing, no one would challenge that.

Dom happened to live across the street from a police substation and a cruiser was headed his way. The same cruiser passed him about twenty minutes earlier. Since Terry didn’t feel like having to explain himself to a cop or possibly be marked for stalking, he left.

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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Superstar-Chapter 35

Hey, everyone! Here it is a Monday on the first day of December and here is a chapter of Superstar! Big news: I'm done with the first half of the book! Okay, it's the first draft, but still a significant accomplishment.
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Chapter 35: Jealousy

The final round of the Battle of the Bands was a week away. Terry and Eric cut rehearsals down to three days a week and primarily worked on the songs they were performing for the contest.
Avant Groove, on this particular day, were tightening up an arrangement of “Inside My love” by Minnie Ripperton. Wanda was tasked with singing lead instead of Dominique. (“Probably to shut the whiny hefa up,” Lisa muttered to herself.)
They finally got the music where they wanted it and were ready to run through the song with vocals. Wanda stepped to the mic and Dom, who was looking on from the couch, wished very hard for Wanda’s voice to crack. It just seemed wrong for Wanda to be standing in her spot. Wanda looked over at Dom, as if she could sense her discomfort, and smiled. Dom didn’t return it.
Terry signaled for the band to begin and they flowed effortlessly into the tune. Wanda began to sing. Damn, Dom thought to herself, she sounds good.
Everything was fine until Wanda started flirting with Terry as she sang. He was, obviously, not into it at all, but she continued, knowing it would get on Dom’s nerves. The rest of the band knew that Dom wasn’t going to stand for that and wondered how she would respond to that.
Dom walked over to Wanda’s keyboards, tested the mic and began to sing just a step higher than Wanda, (Just to prove she could do it) and turned the solo into a very harmonic duet. Tension flowed onto Wanda’s face and she focused a burning glare towards Dominique. That’s when Dom turned up the volume and, with a soulful wail, blew Wanda away.
Wanda threw down her mic and stalked towards Dom. “Bitch, I’m ‘a fuck you up!”
“Back up off me, hefa!” Dom replied as she pushed Wanda back. Terry and Eric broke them up before things got really physical and pushed them towards opposite sides of the room.
“Calm down!” Eric shouted.
“Fuck ‘calm down!’” Wanda bellowed as she twisted in Eric’s grip. “I’m beatin’ that bitch’s ass.”
“You mean get yo ass beat, ho!”
“Shut up!” Terry yelled.
“I ain’t shutting up!” Dom spat.
“You lucky they holdin’ us back or I’d fuck you up.” Wanda bellowed.
“Bring it on, hoe! Ain’t nothin’ between us but space an’ opportunity!”
“SHUT UP!” Terry and Eric bellowed. It took a minute, but Dom and Wanda did in fact shut up.
Eric pointed at Dom and said, “You had no business singin’ on her song.”
“She had no business touchin’ Terry!”
“Whatever! The lead was hers! And Wanda, you know you were wrong.”
“I was just playin’,” She grinned.
“With my fuckin’ man!” Terry barely held on to Dom as she strained to get her hands on Wanda. “When I get my hands on you…”
“Both a’ y’all shut the fuck UP!” Eric screamed. “This bullshit stops now!” He met everyone’s eyes with a steady glare that hinted at the anger inside him.
“Now, we are going to do this song on Friday. The petty bullshit stops here and now.” Eric looked at Dom and Wanda. “This is how it’s gonna be: If either of you do anything out of pocket on Friday, you’re fired. Got it?” They indicated that they got it.
“Good. Back to work.”
The rest of rehearsal was quiet, but the air sizzled with the heated looks Dom and Wanda sent toward each other. Terry noted the tension between them and felt guilty for unknowingly causing all of that. Dom cast a basilisk stare at him and he felt her anger wash over him. As she turned away, Terry just knew that he was gonna hear it on the way home.

(c)2014 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod