Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Superstar- Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Questions

“D’you think Parker’s serious about signing us?” Terry finally asked the question he’d been terrified to ask. Dom, who was in mid-swallow from a glass of water, looked a little startled by the question.
    “I dunno. He seems serious.” She answered.
    Terry nodded. “What about what Eric was talking about? Are you down with that?”
    “No, I’m not.”
    Terry felt an icy chill run down his back and his legs felt weak, like he couldn’t stand on his own. “What? Why?”
    Dom put her water down and said, “This shouldn’t be a surprise to you, Terry. I’ve told you this before.”
    “Yeah, but I thought you’d change your mind about it.”
    “Sweetheart, outside of the band, my life is shit. My mom threw me out, I’m working a dead-end job and I really, really feel like I’m completely on my own.”
    “That’s not true.” Terry protested. “You have the band. You have me. You’re not on your own.”
    “That may be true, but I…I guess I don’t want to just get by, Terry. I want more than this.”
    Terry was speechless. He remembered what Groove said about his gutbuzz about Dom. Terry knew they came true more often than not, but he thought Dom wouldn’t be that way. His face and eyes burned as he realized just how wrong he was.
    “So, you’re just using us until you get a deal of your own?”, Terry snapped. “Is that it?”
    “No,” Dom answered. “I’m not. But, is it wrong that I want to be bigger than a regional band?” Terry’s stomach did flip-flops and a spark of anger lit up inside him.
    “It is if that’s all you wanted from get-go and didn’t let me know. I’m walkin’ around with my head in the clouds, thinking you care and you’re just out for self.”
    “You know that’s not true, Terry,” Dom sighed.
    “It has to be!” He exploded. “You didn’t say anything when Groove brought up just concentrating on performing and you were all up in Parker’s face when he was talkin’…”
    “No, I wasn’t!” Dom shouted. “All he was doin’ was talking to me and I answered back. I’m supposed to not talk to people when they talk to me? Is that how this works now?”
    “No, but you don’t hang all over him and shit…”
    Dom didn’t even answer him. She just walked away towards the bedroom. Terry caught her by the arm.       “Don’t walk away when I’m talkin’ to you…”
    “Let me GO!” Dom struggled, trying to pull away from him.
    “You wanna go? Fine!” Terry said and he pushed her into the wall.
    Dom crumpled to the floor, momentarily dazed. Terry grabbed her shoulders, ready to shake some sense into her. Dom flinched as he came close, her face a scrawl of fear, confusion and pain. It was the fear that cut through the red haze of Terry’s anger and broke his heart.
     “Oh my God, Dom!” Terry exclaimed. “I’m so sorry, baby. I’m sorry.” He tried to comfort her, but it was awkward and uncomfortable, with Dom moving as far away from him as she could. Eventually, he managed to wrap his arms around her and hold her still, but Terry couldn’t shake the feeling that he’d just crossed a line and Eric’s gutbuzz was one step closer to coming true.

(c)2015 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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