Monday, April 20, 2015

Superstar-Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Blue Lines

“Two lines you’re pregnant…” Dom read out loud. “…and one means you’re not.”
Dominique’s period was late. She’d been feeling queasy in the morning for the past few weeks. Dom and Terry had used a condom every time they’d made love, but one day they’d gotten so hot and bothered, the thought of protection never entered their mind. All it takes is one time, she’d heard.
Dom paced back and forth as she waited for the results of the test to show. She hoped she wasn’t pregnant. She was close to moving into her own spot and buying a hooptye to get around in. A baby didn’t figure into her plans at all.
She walked into the living room, trying to keep her mind off of things, when she saw a picture of Terry on the table. He was in a casual pose, with a white button down shirt and a pair of jeans on. The gleam of iron will in his eyes, however, was anything but casual. They said that Terry would be able to do anything he set his mind to. Dom also thought he could make some pretty babies.
They’d actually broached the subject and Terry was all for the idea. Dominique? Not so much. She wanted to have her career in place before she even thought of children. The only thing she was sure of at this point was that she wasn’t going to tell Terry if she was pregnant.
Ever since he’d gone out of his way to keep from teaching her keyboards, Dom had the niggling doubt in the back of her mind that Terry wanted to control her. To tell her how to live her life and what decisions she should make. Dom refused to allow him to do that. Having a baby with him would make it possible, if not outright probable, to have a de facto hold on her and, like Ava, she wasn’t about to let any man, even one she loved as deeply as she did Terry, do that to her.
Dom looked at her watch. The two minute waiting period was over and she went into the bathroom and picked up the test indicator.
Two blue lines. She was pregnant. She sat down before her shaky knees would leave her sitting in a heap on the floor. “Of all the lousy…”
After a long quiet moment, Dom sighed and went to the kitchen to get a plastic bag. She put everything in the bag, tied it and put it at the bottom of the cardboard box that served as a garbage can under the sink. Terry never touched it and the bag wasn’t clear so she figured she was safe.
She walked to the living room and sat in Terry’s chair. Her hand rubbed a small circle on her stomach as her mind matched the motion. She could almost see the embryo in her mind. Visions of changing diapers, running after a light-skinned little baby and late-night feedings bubbled up and made her grin.
She looked over at Terry’s keyboard and she saw herself, singing in front of a crowd, applause and adulation raining on her; The Big Life, as real as the keyboard in front of her, close enough to touch.

Dom picked up the telephone, looking at Terry’s picture, guilt exploding inside her as she dialed.

(c)2015 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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