Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Superstar-Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Free

“Ready, Dom?” Jerry asked.
“Yes, I am.”
Avant Groove was back in the lab putting the finishing touches on their demo. All the music parts were done and all that was left was for Dom to add her vocal parts. Jerry decided to have Dom re-record her vocals on a ballad Terry wrote called ‘Free’.
“Because the vocals need to be a little fuller.” Jerry pointed out. “Dom’s voice is distinct from the music, but she sounds thin. I’m gonna have her do her part over and add it to the vocal track that’s already there.” Jerry smiled. “Trust me, Terry, it’s gonna sound great.”
“Yeah. Okay.” Terry said and sat down away from the control board. Eric came to Terry and asked him to step outside.
“Why the long face, Cuzzin’?”
“Nothing’s wrong.”
“Then why are you poutin’ like a little kid?”
“I ain’t poutin’.” Terry said.
“Terry, I know you!” Eric spat. “You pissy because you can’t have your way right now, so what is it?”
There was a long pause, where Terry looked truly uncomfortable with saying what was on his mind, but finally he spat out, “Dom’s vocals sound good the way they are.”
Eric sighed. “Jerry’s the professional here, Terry. He knows more about this than we do. He knows what he’s doing. I know you wanna protect Dom and all that, but this is business. Personal bullshit be damned.”
Terry flexed his hands and fought an urge to smash Eric’s face in and stop all the negativity pouring out of it. Nobody knew what was best for Dom except me, Terry thought to himself. Not Jerry, Not Eric. ME!!
Then Terry heard Dom’s voice, sweet and dulcet, harmonizing with herself. All the anger melted away as Dom caressed his ears. He and Eric walked back into the Control Room. Lisa met them at the door and explained she asked Jerry to pipe the music out to the hallway so they could hear it.
Terry stood and watched Dom as she sang. Her eyes were closed and she was deep into the music, feeling every note and letting her heart answer through her voice. He saw the joy that lit her face and knew that she felt as free as the lyrics described because she wasn’t living with Ava anymore. She was free of her biggest detractor and she could fly as high and as far as she wanted. Terry had to grudgingly admit that Jerry did know what he was doing. Dom sounded better. Definitely.
“Damn.” Rob breathed. “Dom don’t need us to blow up, man. Once this gets out, she’s gonna take off like a fuckin’ rocket.” Terry looked at the awe on Rob’s face and silently agreed with what he said.
She could leave them all behind without a second thought.
Just like Eric said.

Terry continued to watch Dom as a deep, icy fear grew in his stomach and crept slowly through his body and his mind.

(c)2015 Courtney & W. L. Sherrod

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