Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Superstar-Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Oops! (Oh My)

“And the first place winners, who will record an album on Musicmax Records is…the Armada!”
The members of Avant Groove were in shock when they heard they’d earned second place. Upon hearing the previous announcement, shock quickly turned to anger.
“How the fuck do they rate?” Rob bellowed. “We burned up there, man.”
“Mikki must’ve paid somebody for that shit,” Lisa groused.
There were other expressions of disbelief and Dominique took note of all of them. She stood a little apart from everyone, reveling in her own private victory. The high she felt was tainted by their loss, but the confidence she gained, the strength she felt was something that could never be taken away from her. She looked at Terry and saw the anger and disappointment scrawled on his face. She wanted to go to him and comfort him, but Dom was afraid he’d push her away.
Avant Groove quickly gathered their equipment and prepared to leave. They just wanted to get out of Dodge before Mikki could even think about gloating and lick their wounds at the Golden Spoon.
“Eric. Terry. Y’all ain’t leavin’ are ya?” Mikki said, enjoying his former group twisting in the wind.
“Yeah, we are,” Terry spat. He was barely holding on to his temper and he knew if Mikki got started, there would be fireworks.
“But aren’t you gonna congratulate us on our victory?” Mikki said. All of the Armada stood there before them, the joy and excitement of their victory glowing on their faces, especially Mikki’s. Terry just wanted to break them into bloody caricatures, barely recognizable as human faces.
“Congratulations, Mikki.” Eric said as he led Avant Groove towards the exit. “You won. Leave us alone.”
“Aww, y’all ain’t mad are ya?” Freddie, the Armada’s bass player taunted.
“Yeah, just take yo whippin’ like a man, bitch.” T.J. the drummer added. Malik and Philip, the 2nd guitarist and the keyboard player stood back a little and kept silent. They respected Avant Groove and didn’t really like the way their bandmates were acting.

“Fuck that.” Rob bellowed and started to go back and beat Mikki and his crew down. As one, Avant Groove grabbed him and herded him out as taunts and jeers from the Armada followed them out.

(c)2015 Courtney & W.L. Sherrod

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