Friday, January 23, 2015

Excerpt from Facets-Backyard

Hey, everybody! Here's another sample from Facets, called Backyard. In it, we meet Lottie who has a jones for her best friend's husband...You can practically smell the disaster...
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It all started last year at a get-together at Bernard and Cheryl's house.
Loretta McDowell(called Lottie by her friends) was minding her own business, drinking lemonade and ignoring the lame come-on lines from the brotha sitting next to her, when she was hit by a revelation : Bernard Shelton in a tank top and shorts.
It's not like Lottie hadn't seen him dressed like that before, but for some reason, Bernard's arms and shoulders looked more muscular, his chest looked wider and his butt was chiseled from granite. Lottie stared as he carried a plate of burger patties to the grill, and began to cook them. Cheryl Hawkins-Shelton, Lottie's best friend of ten years, and Bernard's wife, walked up to him and kissed him deeply. Seeing Cheryl snapped Lottie out of her daydream.
Lottie complained to Cheryl about a headache and went home. Lottie actually suffered from pangs of jealously, but she wasn't about to tell Cheryl that.
Later that night, Lottie dreamed of Bernard. She came so hard, it woke her up. Guilt seeped into her heart as she calmed down. She knew she was wrong for lusting after Bernard, but she couldn't help herself. In their ten years of friendship, Lottie had never wanted anything that Cheryl had until now.
For the next year, Lottie kept her crush to herself and played the “Faithful Best Friend” role like Angela Basset. Then, just the other day, Cheryl left her copy of Season Three of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' at Lottie’s house. Lottie called Cheryl and almost jumped for joy when Mrs. Shelton said she'd dispatch Bernard to pick it up.
Lottie quickly (but not too quickly) agreed to wait until Bernard came the next day before going anywhere.
After she hung up, Lottie cleared her schedule of anything that came close to one o' clock P.M. Later, she soaked in Country Apple Luxury and dreamed about the steamy, chocolate luxury of Bernard's embrace.

                                                 (c)2015 W.L. Sherrod


  1. Hmmm....looking forward to reading what happens next!

    1. Well, thanks, Baby. That means I did my job.