Monday, November 3, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 31

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                                               Chapter 31: You Can’t Have My Man

Dominique overheard everything that was said downstairs and she was silently jubilant at what she heard. For the first time, Ava couldn’t lure her man away from her with her poohnanny.  Dom had finally found a man who wasn’t a dawg.
Dom heard footsteps outside of her room and went back to acting like she was looking for the tape, which she already found.
“Hey, Dom.” Terry said as he entered her room.
“Hey. I was just about to come back downstairs.”
“Nothin’ to see down there.” He said. “I like your room. Nice Prince poster.”
“My room is a mess.” Dom noted. “Here’s the tape.”
“Thanks. And your room is not a mess. Now my room, there’s a disaster area for you.”
“Yeah, right.” Dom said and arched a pretty eyebrow. “If your car is any indication, your place must be spotless.” Terry shrugged and looked at his watch. “I gotta go. Some of us have to work for a living.”
“Well, I don’t,” Dom grinned.
“So? I don’t care.” Terry said, his smile belying his words.
“Where do you work?”
“Trudy’s Soul Food Emporium on Ashland off 95th.”
“I know where that is. I’m gonna have to come and visit you one day.”
“I’d love to see you.” Terry paused for a moment. “You’re a hell of a woman, Dom.”
“How so?”
“Living with that…bitch, no offense, is no picnic I bet.”
“None taken and you don’t know how right you are.” Dom said.
“Dom—whatever happens, don’t let your dream go. Not because of that—thing downstairs.” Terry gazed into Dom’s eyes. “If you need anything, anything at all, just let me know. I’m here for you, Dom. I’m always here for you.”
Dom was stunned and speechless to say the least.
“D’you mean that?”
Dom kissed him and laid her head on his chest. “Thank you, Terry. Thank you so much.”
They held hands as Dom walked Terry to the door. Once he left, Ava got out of chair and went upstairs, warning Dom that the kitchen and the bathroom had better be “fucking spotless” before she left for work later that night. Dom went to the kitchen with a smile on her face. Knowing that Terry believed in her and loved her without qualification, made her feel more whole, more complete than she had in ages. Compared to that, cleaning up was a small thing indeed.

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