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Superstar-Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Mrs. Robinson

A month had passed since Dom and Terry had their moment at Community Park. Since then, they’d grown closer than even they thought was possible. The way they worked together at rehearsal and during shows was a wonder to behold. Terry couldn’t remember being so happy before with any of the women he’d previously dated.
Dom, for her part, was happy as well. Every guy she’d gone out with normally did something to show her that he was a dog and had to be swiftly dropped. Terry was the first one that treated her right and gave her no reason to doubt his sincerity. This would be a totally wonderful thing for her if her ambition wasn’t gnawing at the back of her brain.
Dom could play piano and sing, she’d done it at rehearsal one day, but she never really tried to do anything with it. She was too scared that compared to everyone else in Avant Groove, her stuff would sound simplistic. Lately, an undercurrent of frustration started to make itself known inside of her. She tried to ignore it, but every time she watched everyone coaxing sweet sounds out of their instruments; she silently fumed, because she wanted to do the same thing, hence the trip to Service Merchandise where she bought a Yamaha keyboard.   
For three weeks straight, Dom practiced for an hour everyday after rehearsal and before and after her shifts at work. Eventually, she started writing what she heard in her mind. It was simple, but there was a stark beauty in what she wrote and she was encouraged by the results. Dom finally, put some of her muses down on tape and debated whether she wanted to share them with Terry or not.

One day, after rehearsal was over and Terry was driving Dom back home, she asked him a question…
“Could you listen to a tape of music I made the other day?”
“Sure. What is it?” Terry asked.
“Just some stuff I was noodling around with on my keyboard. I think it sounds okay, but I’d like an outside opinion.”
“Yeah, I can do that,” Terry answered. “Mind you, I’m biased when it comes to you.”
“Well, I need an honest opinion about it, baby, as honest as you can be.”
“Okay,” Terry said and looked at her. “You’re really serious, aren’t you?”
“Yes, I am.”
They pulled up in front of Dom’s house and she felt ice forming around her heart as fear started to squeeze in on her.
Terry noticed the change and wondered what kind of woman Ava Lasalle was to have her daughter seize up inside whenever she came home. Dom led them inside and announced their presence.
A tall, light brown skinned woman with broad shoulders a small waist, shapely hips and a full bosom sauntered into the room. Terry could see Dominique in her eyes and the shape of her nose. A look of profound anger was etched onto her face, but it softened into a smile when she focused on Terry.
“’Bout time you got home,” She spat a Dom as she absorbed Terry with her eyes. “Who’s this?”
“This is my…boyfriend, Terry,” Dom responded. “Terry, this is my mother, Ava.”
“Hi,” Ava purred. She reached out a hand to Terry, which he took and said hello. He noticed her handhold lingered when he took his hand back.
“Nice to meet you,” Terry said. He noticed Ava was looking at him like she was hungry and he was a very succulent looking steak.
“The pleasure’s all mine.” Ava said.
“So, Dom about the tape…” Terry began.”
“Oh, yeah. Lemme get that.” Dom didn’t want to leave the room because she was sure that the moment she was out of sight, Ava was going to put the moves on Terry. She did it with every other guy Dom had brought home so why not Terry?
Because Terry was the first guy to put her first and really listen to what she said. He didn’t just want Dom’s body, he wanted her heart.
Dom hated that her mother was such a hoe, but she’d learned early on that Ava was gonna do what Ava wanted to do.

As she took a look back at Ava moving closer to Terry, who actually looked uncomfortable to Dom’s eye, she knew how Ava was when she wanted something: She was gonna get it, no matter what it took.

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