Monday, October 6, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Music of My Mind

            Terry nodded to himself as he looked at the recording studio he’d made of his closet: There was a four track recorder with a DAT containing the song he’d been working on, his Ibanez guitar, an amp, a mic and a set of headphones plugged into the recorder. Everything was ready.
            “Let’s do this.” Terry said to himself. He picked up his guitar, put on the headphones and hit record.
            The song he was working on was inspired by Dominique. Usually, especially lately, songs came to Terry fairly quickly and required little work to get the sound he heard in his head. Not so much, this one. Terry wanted to express in music just how Dom made him feel, the wonder and admiration he felt every time he saw her. That meant a little mental elbow grease, especially since he was having a hard time pinning this one down.
            The breakthrough came the day before when he watched her walk towards him during a break in rehearsal. At that moment, he started to hear the song in his head, very clearly. Terry jumped up, grabbed the tape recorder he always carried with him, set it down next to his amp and started to play. This display earned Terry a strange look from Dom. Everyone else just shrugged their shoulders and kept on talking.
            It took Terry about five or six hours to lay down the bass, drums and keyboard parts. At last, he was finally ready to do the guitar parts. The song started and Terry closed his eyes, letting the music become a part of him. After a few measures, Terry opened his eyes, looked at the picture of Dominique that was taped to the wall and let his fingers fly.
            Terry loved classic Be-Bop jazz artists like Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins, because they never wrote their sax solos. Whatever their mood was when they played was how they played. Terry had come to emulate that particular trait when he recorded or played a show, just let the moment and mood dictate what he played. It sounded very Zen-like, but the results were incredible.
            Dominique was uppermost in his mind and the fire he felt when he thought of her flowed through his body, ignited his hands and gave birth to a fiery solo. When he was done, he turned off the recorder, rewound it and listened to his song.

            The smile on his face could be measured in miles. He’d managed to capture how he saw Dom in his heart and he was very proud of the results. Now he just had to let his muse hear the song she inspired. And he knew just how to do it.

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