Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Mama

“He is fucking impossible, Ma. How the hell did you put up with him? I don’t get it, Ma. I went over there to tell him about the band, just trying to be friendly, but he can’t be so he just fucks it up. I want to love him, Ma. I really do, but it’s like he wants me to hate him.”
Terry knelt at his mothers’ grave, tears staining his cheeks. He could almost feel his mom’s arms around him, comforting him. Terry knew it wasn’t real, that Belinda wasn’t there, but talking to her about what was going on always helped him focus on dealing with the problem and find a solution, almost like she was there telling him how to take care of it.
“On a lighter note…” Terry began as he wiped his eyes, “Groove entered Avant Groove in a Battle of the Bands contest. It starts in a couple of weeks. This is the first time we’ve entered in one of these. Eric and I usually resist doing that, but the band is starting to get frustrated. We’re a really good band, Ma, and we want to do this for a living.”
Terry paused for a moment. “Okay, technically, we do make a living at this, but we want to make a life out of it, Ma. We wanna be like all the groups we admired coming up. That’s the main reason we entered the contest, so we can start to do just that.”
He hung his head for a moment. When he looked up, there was a bright fire burning behind his eyes, a palpable determination barely held in check.
“I can’t be like him, Ma. I can’t. I can’t spend my life being a failure, Ma. I won’t.” The fire inside him died to embers and Terry’s face softened into a mask of sadness.
“Dominique’s going to leave, Ma. Eric had a gutbuzz about her, A bad one. He believes that she’s looking for a chance to get famous and she’ll be out like a shot when that happens.” Terry stood up and brushed the grass from his knees of his pants.
“Deep down, I think he may be right. When we told the group about the contest, it seemed like Dom was there, but she wasn’t, like she was focusing past me on something only she could see. I don’t know; maybe I’m projecting.” Terry looked through the leaves in the tree and saw the sky in mottled patches.

“I hope I am.” He muttered to himself.

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