Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 9

Howdy everyone! Had a brain fart and forgot to post the next chapter of Superstar...Whoops...but, here it is. Thanx for reading... 

Chapter 9: Brokenhearted

“Just talk to her. Everything’ll be cool, unless of course, she bites my head off with a whole restaurant watching.” Terry groused. “Yeah, everything’s just peachy.”
“You okay, cuzzin?” Eric asked.
Terry glared evilly at him.
“I’ll take that as a no.”
“Damn.” Lisa said. “If looks could kill…”
“Then Groove’d be a walking corpse right now.” Larry interjected.
“Now is not the time, Earthquake.” Terry said with a sharp edge in his voice.
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.”
Larry chuckled. “On that note it’s time to say good-bye.” He got up from the table. “Yo, Terry. Don’t sweat that shit about Dom, man. She’ll come around.” Larry said his good-byes to Eric and Lisa and walked towards the door.
“Terry, what did you say to her?”
“I couldn’t say anything. I barely got a word in and you already saw what happened when she came out of the bathroom.”
“Yeah. Good thing she didn’t use her fist,” Lisa deadpanned.
“Lisa, right now, I am not the man with whom to fuck.”
“So I see.”
“Anyway—“, Eric interjected, “—you know she’s that angry because she likes you, right?”
“She slapped me in the middle of the restaurant.”
“Because she thinks you’re a playa who got caught up.”
“I know I’d be angry if the guy I was crushing on had a girlfriend already.”
“Lisa, you get mad if you don’t get your way.”
Lisa grinned. “That’s because I’m a spoiled brat.”
“Trust us, we know,” Eric added with a smile.
“Bite me, Groove.”
“I don’t usually do that in public, but if you insist—“
“Okay. Lovebirds, can we get back to the matter at hand?”
Lisa rolled her eyes. “I’m ready to go. Can you two strong, black brothas walk me out to my car?”
“You’re a strong, black woman--” Terry joked, “—you don’t need us for anything else so why need us to walk to your car?”
“You and me are gonna fight in a minute, Terry.”
“And have you and Groove gang up on me? No thanks.”
“Whatever.” Eric said, as they made their way out of the restaurant.
“By the way, are we having rehearsal tomorrow, Eric?” Lisa asked.
“No. Why ask?”
“Well, I’m supposed to call Roger when I get home.”
“It’s kinda late to be callin’ folks ain’t it?”
“He asked me to call him when I got home, Groove. I do have some sense.”
“Didn’t say you didn’t.”
“Anyway, I’m hopin’ it’ll turn into a late-night rendez-vouz, know what I mean?”
“Oh, you mean a booty call,” Terry blurted out.
“If you wanna be crass about it.”
“Don’t hurt yourself,” Eric deadpanned. “We’d like to see you at the gig tomorrow.”
“I’ll be there alive and unharmed, dahlin’,” Lisa gave Terry a warm hug. “And you: Cheer up. Everything’s gonna be alright.”
“Very Bob Marley of you.”
Lisa rolled her eyes, gave Groove a hug and got into her car. As she drove away, Eric stared intently after her.
“See something you like?” Terry asked.
“So, why don’t you tell her?”
“Because, Soft-Touch doesn’t do the friends-as-lovers thing. It’s soured on her before.”
“So? You could be the exception that proves her rule.”
“Nah. I care about Lisa, but I ain’t about to get my heart busted up like that.” Eric looked at Terry and smiled. “And you got some nerve dispensing relationship advice, homeslice.”
“Like you like to say, I don’t make the news, I just report it.”
“Whatever.” Eric raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you okay?”
“As I can be. Dom doesn’t even want to talk to me, man.”
“That’ll change. Just give her a chance to come around. You know Rob’s gonna get on her nerves before too long.”
“But what if he doesn’t?”
“Then I guess you’ll have to deal with them bein’ a couple. Can you handle that?”
“Don’t have much of a choice, do I?”
“Nope,” Eric gave Terry a pound and a man-hug. “Just keep ya head up, man.”
“Okay, Tupac.”
Eric laughed and got into his car. Terry watched him drive away. He sighed and looked up at the stars.
“God, I know we haven’t been on speaking terms lately, but I could use a little help here.” After he spoke, a small group came out of the Golden Spoon. They recognized Terry and they laughed and pointed at him as they walked to their car. Terry looked up towards the sky again.

“Thanks.” He muttered and walked to his own car.

(c)2014 W.L. and Courtney Sherrod

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