Monday, May 12, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Try Me

“Dom! How you getting’ home?”
“A cab!”
“You ain’t gotta do that. Lemme give you a ride.”
Dom turned around and glared at Rob. He took an involuntary step back as Dom’s anger settled on him.
“Hey, don’t look at me like dat. I ain’t tryin’ to do nothin’ but give you a ride home, swear to God.” Dom wasn’t quite sure just how sincere Rob was, but she didn’t really feel like taking a cab and having yet another guy ogle her and probably try to get her number.
“Bet! Don’t move. Lemme get my car.”

“You sounded real good tonight, Dom.”
“Thank you.”
“And your kit was slammin’.”
“My what?” Dom snapped.
“Your kit. Your outfit.” Rob said quickly. “Damn, I know you mad at Terry, but don’t take that shit out on me. I ain’t do nothin’.”
Dom looked at him for a moment, then she chuckled and said, “You’re right. I’m sorry, Rob.”
“I know this is gonna sound bogus, but d’you wanna go to the movies on Sunday?” Dom was about to turn him down out of hand, but she stopped herself and looked at him: Rob was kinda cute, with a well-trimmed goatee, strong, yet refined features, honest brown eyes and a husky, yet handsome build. He stared at her chest a lot and got on her nerves with his filthy mouth and unenlightened attitude towards women, but Rob could make a sista laugh out loud and it would really piss Terry off if she went out with him. That made Dom smile.
“What are we going to see?”
“That new Mario Van Peebles flick.”
“’Posse’? Good. I wanted to see that.”
Rob smiled. “So, we cool for Sunday?”

For a fleeting moment, Dom’s conscience whispered that what she was doing was wrong. She shouldn’t go out with Rob just to make Terry mad. What if Terry was telling the truth? What if Wanda wasn’t his girlfriend? Thing is, if she wasn’t she wouldn’t have reacted like she did. Dom remembered how Terry’s face looked when Wanda kissed him. He didn’t look too enthused about it, but a boy tryin’ to be a mack wouldn’t be very happy about getting busted. Dom couldn’t think of a sweeter revenge so she tuned out her conscience and said, “Sure.”

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