Monday, May 26, 2014

Superstar-Chapter 10

Chapter 10: My Life

Dom lay in bed, fully awake, but unmoving. A numbing lassitude or more to the point, the realization that she had a date with Booty-Bass, the most chauvinistic, self-centered, wannabe mack daddy she’s ever met, weighed Dom down and pinned her to the bed. She just didn’t want to expend the energy it would take to rise up and face the day.
Then her bedroom door opened and Ava, who was dressed for her custodial job at a nearby hospital, filled the doorway.
”I’m gone. The kitchen betta be spotless when I get home or it’s your ass. Bye.” The door slammed shut and Dom now lay in shock, not quite believing that her mother threatened her and walked out of the door without any kind of loving words or gestures.
“Love you, too.” She muttered.

The day was bright and sunny with a gentle breeze that made the heat bearable. Mottled patches of light slipped through the trees and splashed on the ground. One landed on a headstone that read: Belinda Monique Taylor-Mosley Beloved mother and wife. Terry stared at the marker for the longest time, but it still said the same thing and sharply reminded him of what and who he’d lost.
“Hi, Ma.” He said as he set a rose on her grave. “Sorry I haven’t been by to see you lately. I’ve been kinda busy.”
“The band’s doing good. We still don’t have a record deal, though. D’you know how frustrating it is to be so good that nobody can touch us musically, but we still can’t get a deal?” Terry sighed and sank to his knees. “We got a new lead singer, too. Her name’s Dominique LaSalle. Ma, you wouldn’t believe how good this woman sounds.” A smile blossomed on his lips. “She looks like an angel, Ma; I’m talkin’ cafĂ© au lait skin and a wonderful smile. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.” The smile wilted into a look of despair.
“She doesn’t want anything to do with me, though. She did at first. A woman like Dom actually wanted me and now because some jealous bitch...sorry, Ma…jealous woman tricked Dom into thinking that I had a girlfriend, she doesn’t want me anymore. She’s going out on a date with Rob, probably to piss me off.” He shook his head. “Not probably. She is and it does.”
Terry pulled out a ring that hung around his neck. His mother gave him the ring when he was born and he wore it until he outgrew it. Since then, he put it on a chain and only pulled it out when he visited his mom or when he felt very alone.
“I don’t know what to do, Ma. Everything’s so…I can’t even begin to describe how confused and screwed up everything is right now. I wish I could pull a “Quantum Leap” and go back and fix everything the way I want it, but that’s not gonna happen.” A sad grin crept onto Terry’s face. “Groove would say something like, ‘Focus on the positive and live like its already come to pass.’ How the hell am I gonna be positive when reality is kickin’ my ass? Oops. Sorry, Ma.”

Terry stood up. “I’ve gotta go. I’m meeting Groove and Lisa at Evergreen Plaza in a bit. I’ll be back soon, Ma. I love you.” He walked to his car and drove out of the cemetery. As he drove, a deep pain, one that had been a part of his life for the last ten years, ripped through his heart and he fought to keep the tears from blinding him as he drove. 

(c)2014 Courtney and W.L. Sherrod

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