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Superstar-Chapter 4

Hello Everyone! Here's another installment of Superstar. To Recap: Avant Groove were looking for a new lead singer and they found one in Dominique LaSalle. Lead guitarist, Terry found the love of his life. Everything seems to be clicking into place for Dom, except for her mother, Ava being quite bitchlicious and sabotaging Dom's confidence. As Dom goes to rehearsal, she's still shaken to the core...

Chapter 4: Angel

            On Friday morning, Dom got out of the cab and walked to the door to go into the Warehouse. She paused as she placed her hand on the doorknob.
Dom had practiced with Avant Groove on Tuesday and Wednesday. She’d become very comfortable with them and started to find her own place in the band. Her confidence grew, but no matter how good she did, how good she felt about her singing, Ava’s words buzzed it in the back of her mind. Doubt settled on Dom’s shoulders, made her want to turn around, go home and climb back into bed. That way, she wouldn’t have to face the possibility of finding out she wasn’t good enough, that she would fail.
“You’ve made it this far.” Dom muttered to herself. “You’ve gotta see this all the way through, girl.” With a deep sigh, Dom opened the door and walked inside.
Everyone except Lisa was there and they were all absorbed in various conversations, so no one noticed she’d come in. Her eyes immediately gravitated to Terry and she felt instantly better knowing he was there. Dom knew she was accepted by everyone in the band (Well, maybe not Wanda) and they did their best to make her feel like she was part of group. Even so, she felt like an outsider, like she didn’t belong there.
Stop it! Dom thought to herself. You do belong here! You earned this. Go in there and take what’s yours. She took a deep breath, walked towards the band and said, “What’s up, people?”
“Well, well.” Terry said with a big smile. “You’re a sight for sore eyes.” He looked at his watch. “And you’re on time too.”
“Unlike Lisa, who’s late again.” Wanda opined. “Eric, I keep tellin’ you--“
“God, please don’t start that shit again.”
Before things got too heated, Dom made a request: “Can I sing a song for you?” This caught everyone off guard, but they said it was cool.
“Can I use your keyboard, Wanda?”
“Lisa’s are over there.” Wanda answered as she leaned her head in that direction. Dom looked at Wanda like she’d lost her damn mind.
“Why can’t I use yours?”
“Can you pay for ‘em if you break ‘em?” Wanda spat.
“I wouldn’t break your precious little keyboards, Wanda.”
“Well, I ain’t takin’ no chances.”
“Wanda…” Terry began.
“It’s alright.” Dom said as she walked over to Lisa’s keyboards. “She’s probably scared I’ll make her look bad usin’ her own shit.” Everybody laughed. Well, Wanda didn’t, but she did send an angry look Dom’s way.
Dominique started to play a simple, yet soulful melody. It filled the room and made Dom smile. She closed her eyes and began to sing.
The song was “Turn Your Lights Down Low” by Bob Marley. Dom’s voice blended perfectly with the music and communicated the desire to love and be loved. Dom noticed that Terry was watching her intently. She smiled shyly and closed her eyes. If she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to sing. Dom didn’t know what it was about Terry, but he completely distracted and intrigued her. He didn’t have to say or do anything, all he had to do was stand there and he had her undivided attention. She felt herself opening up to Terry, wanting him to become a part of her life, of her heart. It took everything she had to keep from getting up from the piano and grabbing him and kissing him all over.
The last time Dominique felt like this, the man turned out to be married. His wife must’ve suspected something because she called Dom’s number looking for her lost dawg. After that, Dominique avoided him and stopped taking his calls. The last thing she wanted was to be the focus of a jealous wife’s rage.
A guitar started to accompany her piano playing. Dom smiled. She didn’t even have to open her eyes to know it was Terry. His bluesy phrasing blended perfectly with her song and inspired Dom to sing more passionately. Everyone was impressed by how easily the two of them played together. No one would believe that Terry and Dom had never played together before. No one could deny the chemistry between the two of them either.
The song ended and everyone (even Wanda) clapped loudly. Dom blushed and thanked them. She looked at Terry and said, “I appreciate the help, Mr. Mosley.”
“You didn’t need it.” Terry blushed.
“Well, I’m glad you gave it anyway.” Dom smiled.
“Not a problem.”
“Okay, we can start rehearsal now!” Lisa bellowed as she walked through the door.
“We were about to replace you with Dominique since she can play and sing.” Terry stated as he glanced at his watch.
“Yeah, right.”
“Why are you late?” Eric asked.
“If you must know…,” Lisa said with a grin, “…I’ve started seeing a guy I met at work named Roger.”
“Oh, really?” Eric deadpanned. Terry rolled his eyes.
“Yeah. He’s so sweet and kind and the brotha can throw, if you know what I mean?”
“That’s a little too much info for me, Soft-Touch.” Eric said with a little pout.
“Well, you did ask.”
            “Don’t remind me.”
            “Anyway…” Terry interjected, “…you missed Dom doing her Elton John impression.”
            “Forget’ chu.” Dom grinned.
            “It was more like Billy Joel.” Eric added.
            “Actually, it was more like Rosie Gaines from Prince’s ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ video compilation.” Larry stated.
            Everyone turned and looked at Larry, who rarely spoke.
            “What? It was.”
            “That is where I got the song from.” Dom confirmed.
            “Nice to know our drummer knows his music.” Terry quipped. “Speaking of music, let’s rehearse our set for tonight and go home.”
            Everyone took their places and went through the songs for their show. They worked out and tightened up the arrangements for each song while Dom contributed more subdued vocals to save her voice for later. Once they were done, everyone made their way home.

            Dominique felt peaceful on her way home. Ava’s voice inside of her head was stilled and she felt completely confident about the show later on. She thought back to when she and Terry were playing together. Warmth flowed through her as she thought about the fact that he was going to be standing beside her as she sang later. She smiled and knew that, like Bob Marley once sang, every little thing was gonna be all right.

(c)W.L. and Courtney Sherrod

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