Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Excerpts from Facets: Revelations

What would you do if  somebody came up to you and said they knew something about your spouse or significant other. Something that wasn't good? Would you dismiss them or would curiosity get the best of you? The idiom states, "What you don't know won't hurt you." Greg Watson will find out one way or the other...

It was about 11 a.m. when I got the call at work. I didn’t recognize the voice, but he asked me to meet him at LaStrada on Randolph and Michigan for lunch. I asked him why and he said it had to do with Melinda.
“What’s the matter with her?” I asked.
“I’ll tell you when I see you at one o’ clock.” The line went dead. I stewed for a minute, wondering who this punk-ass was and what he knew about Melinda.
At one o’ clock sharp, I walked into LaStrada and had a seat at the bar. I looked around at the beige walls, with dark stained wood, warm lighting and a spacious, yet cozy dining area. I’d never been in there before, but I liked it.
The bartender brought me a drink. He must’ve been one of Kenny Kingston’s psychics, ‘cuz I hadn’t ordered a drink yet.
“What’s this?” I asked.
“A drink,” he said as he started wiping a glass.
“I know, but I didn’t order one.”
“I know. The gentleman behind you ordered it as you came in.” I turned around and came face to face with a light skinned brotha with shoulder length dreadlocks and wearing a cream colored shirt with blue jeans. He had Birkenstock sandals on his feet and a cool, almost arrogant, stride. The muthafukca looked like Eric Benet and I already hated him.
“How you doin’?” he asked. “You drink gimlets, right?”
“Yeah,” I said uneasily. I sipped the drink and it was a gimlet; straight up, heavy lime juice. Just the way I liked them. “How did you know what I drink?”
“I waited on you at the Signature Room not too long ago.”
“But the last time I went was with…”
“Your wife.”
“Come on,” he said and strolled towards the dining area. “I have a table reserved for us. We need to talk.” I watched him walk away, confidence personified and so damn perfect looking. I wanted to curse him and throw my drink at his head, but he knew something about Melinda. That had me worried. I wondered what a complete stranger knew about my wife that I didn’t know.

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